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Michael E. Duffy is currently a Senior Software Engineer for Global Worldwide, working on Kingdom Maker, a brand-new mobile game for iOS and Android. Mike worked for KIXEYE in the same role, before the game was spun off into a new company in June 2019. He is also the long-time principal of Michael E. Duffy & Associates, a strategic technology consulting company based in Santa Rosa, CA.

As a Senior Programmer for Cryptic Studios during 2016 and 2017, he worked on core technologies supporting the company's massively-multiplayer online role-playing games, Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. He was directly involved in the ports of these games to the PS4 and Xbox One, which substantially increased revenues during 2017.

From 2012 to 2015, Mike held the position of Chief Software Architect for AlterG, makers of the Anti-Gravity Treadmill, where he developed the architecture for a next-generation product. He also created a user-friendly tool for the P200 treadmill, leading to an additional $1 million in sales following its release.

Following the success of Leprechaun, Mike and two others founded Blood, Sweat & Capital LLC, a private-equity partnership focused on creating innovative healthcare service companies. At BSC, he was responsible for evaluating the technologies of potential investment targets.

In 2006, Mike became a partner in, and Chief Information Officer for, Leprechaun LLC, a healthcare technology company. The company was sold to XLHealth for $90 million in July, 2007.

Mike spent ten years with Mindscape (formerly The Software Toolworks), rising to the position of Executive Vice-President and General Manager of its Game Division, where he was responsible for all entertainment products published under the Mindscape and SSI brands. He joined Mindscape in December, 1986 as one of the creators of the best-selling Chessmaster program. During his ten years with the company, he participated in the design and development of other Mindscape products, including Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing!, and The Miracle Piano Teaching System. He was directly involved with the sale of The Software Toolworks to Pearson plc for $462 million in April, 1994.

Mike graduated A.B. cum laude from Harvard College in 1978, concentrating in Engineering and Applied Science. Prior to joining Mindscape, he held positions with Interactive Systems Corporation (1978-79) and Harvard University (1979-81). Mike founded Software By Design (1981-86), a programming and training company.

He is a former Trustee and Board Chair of Sonoma Country Day School and is a featured columnist for NorthBay Biz magazine. Among his other accomplishments, he attended school with both Bill Gates and Kevin Costner.


Tech Talk, a column for Northbay biz magazine

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